Walking trails

Tidbinbilla offers outstanding wildlife and natural walking experiences. Discover this beautiful valley and its natural landscape. Enjoy the range of walking trails, meander through the Sanctuary wetlands, find a koala in the eucalypt forest, or take a full day hike to the top of the Tidbinbilla Range.

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Please Remember: Walk safely, know your capabilities, be prepared for all conditions, take plenty of water, don’t rely on a mobile phone, avoid walking alone and let a reliable person know your plans and approximate return time. All walk times and distances are average return time and distances.

image of of people using the walking trails

  1. Congwarra Trail - 3-4km - 1 hour - Easy
    An easy stroll from the Visitor Centre through open grassland that takes you to the Nature Discovery Playground (1.5km, 30 minutes). From here trails meander down to the Tidbinbilla River and connect to Dalsetta via Webbs, Greens and Sheedys picnic area.
  2. Birrigai Time Trail - 3km - 1 hour - Easy
    From the Visitor Centre explore the Aboriginal and European heritage trail as it meanders up to the Birrigai Rock Shelter.
  3. Turkey Hill Trail - 500m - 15 minutes - Easy
    From Dalsetta, take a short walk among the granite tors of Turkey Hill.
  4. Xanthorrhoea Loop - 2.5km - 45 minutes - Moderate
    From Dalsetta, this walk climbs to a magnificent stand of grass trees.
  5. Rock Valley Heritage Site - Park at the site
    Learn about early European settlement in the Tidbinbilla Valley by visiting the restored ruins of Rock Valley Homestead, built in 1895.
  6. Church Rock Heritage Loop - 2.5km - 1 hour - Easy
    Follow the footsteps of Aboriginal people and the early pioneers on this heritage walk to Church Rock. Great views and stories. Starts at Flints. For a detailed guide please see the Church Rock Heritage Loop Brochure.
  7. Bushland Meander - 1.6km - 1 hour - Easy
    A lovely stroll through open woodland. Look for wallaroos, kangaroos and wallabies. Starts from Black Flats car park.
  8. Black Flats Dam - 300m - 15 minutes - Easy
    A short walk to enjoy the tranquility of Black Flats Dam and its water birds, platypus and other wildlife.
  9. Sanctuary Loop - 2.1km - 90 minutes - Easy
    A series of interconnected habitat zones, linked by a wheelchair-friendly walking trail. See Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies, platypus, echidnas, birds, and other animals in their natural habitats.
  10. Hanging Rock - 500m - 25 minutes - Easy
    A short walk near Ashbrook Creek through the tall eucalypts brings you to granite tors once used by local Aboriginal people.
  11. Koala Path - 700m - 20 minutes - Easy
    Look up for koalas as you take a short stroll through the wet eucalypt forest. Also home to potoroos, wallabies, echidnas and many species of birds and reptiles. Wheelchair accessible.
  12. Peppermint Trail - 1.8km - 45 minutes - Easy
    From the Koala Path, follow the gravel track through the tall eucalypt trees and across Mountain Creek. Great for viewing koalas and forest birds.
  13. Cascades Trail - 1.8km - 1 hour - Moderate
    This walk climbs through the wet forest and meets a cascading mountain stream. Starts from the Mountain Creek car park.
  14. Lyrebird Trail - 2km - 90 minutes - Moderate
    This trail passes in and out of moist fern-filled gullies and open forest. Look and listen for signs of the Superb Lyrebird, particularly during winter.
  15. Ashbrook Trail - 6.5km - 2 hours - Moderate
    From Hanging Rock car park, explore tall forests and wet gullies before crossing Ashbrook Creek. Continue up to the locked gate on Mountain Creek Road then return the same way.
  16. Fishing Gap - 7.7km - 3 hours - Hard
    Tall Mountain Gums and fern gullies frame this meandering walk along the fire trail. The walk ends at the saddle and returns the same way.
  17. Devils Gap - 6km - 2 hours - Moderate
    A short but steep walk up the fire trail through dry mountain eucalypt forest. The walk ends at the boundary gate and returns on the same trail.
  18. Gibraltar Peak - 8.2km - 2-3 hours - Moderate/Hard
    The most direct route to Gibraltar Peak starts from Dalsetta, passing grasslands before the climb to Eliza Saddle. The trail then traverses for a short distance. After a steep climb, Gibraltar Peak is reached. Return via the same route or take the longer route via Eliza Saddle, Birrigai Time Trail,  the Visitor Centre and Congwarra Trail. You can also return on the Gibraltar Fire Trail.
  19. Nil Desperandum- 9km - 4 hours - Hard
    From the Visitor Centre, take the Congwarra Trail to Webbs, then follow the signs through Jedbinbilla to Nil Desperandum, a restored homestead built around 1895. You can also walk from Greens (8.6 kilometres return three hours)..Image of visitors walking
  20. Camels Hump
    • Option 1 - 19km - 8 hours - Hard
      Starting at the Visitor Centre, take the Congwarra Trail to Webbs then follow the signs through Jedbinbilla to Camels Hump fire trail. This walk lets you experience a little bit of everything that Tidbinbilla has to offer including great views.
    • Option 2 - 11.6km - 6 hours - Hard
      From Mountain Creek, climb to one of the highest ridges in the ACT. Enjoy stunning views. The walk ends at Camels Hump and returns on the same path.

All walk times and distances are average return time and distances.

Please remember:

  • walk safely
  • know your capabilities
  • be prepared
  • don’t rely on a mobile phone
  • avoid walking alone and
  • let a reliable person know your plans and approximate return time.