Team Building Activities

Birrigai at Tidbinbilla provides both a natural and a designed environment for team-building activities for your group. We specialise in:

  • School groups
  • Special School groups
  • Adults – school-based or general public

Birrigai’s ‘Challenge-by-Choice' program is designed to take participants to their natural ‘edge’ and have them consider ‘what next’? Participants explore their own limits and the limits or potential of their team.

Team-building is woven into all Birrigai programs – everything from taking a bushwalk through to attempting a high-ropes activity.   For an outline of all of our offerings, see the outdoor adventure section of our Learning Descriptors (PDF - 1.6MB).

Examples of team-building activities include:

  • Giant SwingIt's here! The ACT's only Giant Swing! Experience Birrigai's exhilerating Swing-by-Choice. Participants choose the height they are hauled by their team and release themselves for a swing allowing views over the Paddys River Valley to the Bullen Range.
  • Natural Surface Abseil:  Visit a spectacular rock face and experience the Challenge-by-Choice and peer support opportunities offered by an abseiling session.
  • Team Initiatives & Team Rescue : Both courses offer a dynamic way to learn about leadership, problem solving, cooperation and communication in small groups. Discuss ideas and formulate solutions to each of the initiatives and have fun putting the ideas into action.
  • Low Ropes: Low Ropes is a fantastic challenge-by-choice activity that develops trust and communication in small teams. Have fun working together to complete the nine elements that constitute the course. Swing on the bosons’ chairs and balance on the swinging log. Learn the safety system and step out of your comfort zone in a supported environment.
  • team building exerciseGlider Possum: The Glider Possum is an exciting high ropes activity resembling a giant pendulum in which the participant is first raised and lowered, and then swung into the air, resembling a “glider possum” in flight. The element operates on the principle of team haul-up: A single participant is raised and lowered by a team of peers.
  • Flying Fox: Flying Fox addresses identical outcomes to Glider Possum: active team participation and support for fellow team members. Like Glider Possum, Flying Fox is also a challenge-by-choice activity and operates on the principle of team haul-up. The participant is towed to a starting position of their choice, where they then activate a release rope to commence their ride along a cable.
  • Team BuildingLeap of Faith: The Leap of Faith activity provides a challenging culmination to an adventure training program. A single participant at a time climbs to a platform seven metres in height before leaping off the platform and attempting to touch a suspended ball.
  • The Crate Climb: The Crate Climb involves two participants working together to build (and ascend) a tower of milk crates. Partners need to steady each other as they ascend, particularly as the tower grows in height. The remaining team members assist with construction from the ground. Each attempt at the Crate Climb is terminated when the tower topples. A typical attempt takes approximately fifteen minutes, allowing different partners in the group to have a go.
  • Child climbing on poleThe Vertical Playpen and Dangle Duo: The Vertical Playpen and the Dangle Duo (Giant Ladder) both operate with two participants ascending at once. Partners will need to assist each other as they climb the structure. The Dangle Duo in particular requires a large degree of cooperation between the two climbers. The remaining participants comprise the belay team with three people belaying each climber.

 For more information, please contact Birrigai at Tidbinbilla on (02) 6205 6748.